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Re: plural of "archaeopteryx"

Neil Clark writes:

> "Look at that flock of
>> Archaeopteryx."  Nobody would misinterpret that.
> Why not lets be more specific and say "Look at the flock of 
> _Archaeopteryx lithographica_s!" 

Well, if Archaeopteryx lithographica were the COMMON name of Archie, I
might go for that.  But it's not - unlike the case of T. rex, most
nontechnical folks generally know the species by its generic name
only.  Using the specific name as well in general discourse would be
akin to making it the common practice to refer to ordinary rats as
Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus).

> As for the group term.  I'm not sure that there are enough specimens 
> to call it a flock!
> Perhaps:- 
> a flutter
> a flap
> I also like the 'puzzle' too

Or then, there's always "scratch," based on specimens' having been
found in lithographic-quality stone.  Think of it.  "Hey, there goes a
scratch of Archaopteryx."


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