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Re: fossil sales

As you've recently seen from my addition to the welcome file:

       The list is not moderated, so its health depends upon the good
       nature of its participants.

I've attempted to throw some water on the fires beginning to burn now
by mailing to Larry Smith directly.  Since that hasn't worked, I'd
like to encourage others to write to HIM personally if you agree with
the sentiments I'm about to express.

Larry (larrys@zk3.dec.com) accused Merritt Clifton:

> YOU pulled that comparison out of a hat - a hat several sizes too
> small for your head, by the way - and posted soley to stick in some
> of your damned propaganda.

Larry, adding expletives and insults to your prose doesn't help to
reinforce your points.  As I told you before, I saw no propaganda in
the message that originally set you off.  You slanderously labelled
Merritt without giving any justification for your remarks.  If Merritt
sees a parallel that you don't, then fine, state why you think the
parallel doesn't exist.  As for now, I think it is ill-considered of
you to complain:


If you made accusations about my "agenda", I would feel obliged to
offer in the same forum in which the accusations were made, samples of
publications so that people could form there own opinions about the
validity of said accusations.  In short, I think YOU brought it on.

And Larry, thanks for talking about dinosaurs.

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)