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re: the deccan traps and the bolide

Bonnie Blackwell writes:

> i would beg to differ with the recent poster who suggested no relationship
> between the deccan traps and the chicxulub event.  an article in 
> J.geophys.Res last year and a summary in Eos, suggested otherwise.
> essentially they suggested that the deccan was at the antipode of the impact
> which released so much energy it religned the plates somewhat and focused
> the energy at the deccan.  please see the original article for the details,
> unfortunately, i have misplaced the reference.

But it's not anywhere near the antipodes relative to Chicxulub. The
antipodes is well out in the southern Indian ocean, roughly on a
parallel with the middle of the island of Madagascar and over 2,000
miles from the Indian mainland.  I'm no geologist, but that article
sounds to me like a fishing expedition.


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