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Re: the deccan traps and the bolide

>i would beg to differ with the recent poster who suggested no relationship
>between the deccan traps and the chicxulub event.  an article in
>J.geophys.Res last year and a summary in Eos, suggested otherwise.
>essentially they suggested that the deccan was at the antipode of the impact
>which released so much energy it religned the plates somewhat and focused
>the energy at the deccan.  please see the original article for the details,
>unfortunately, i have misplaced the reference.

[I will say this again and again, but nobody listens... :-( ]

The Deccan Traps are UNQUESTIONABLY dated as begin at least in the
Maastrichtian, and maybe even as early as the Santonian.  The traps are not
a single mass, but a series of floods.  In some of the "intertrappen"
(i.e., between flood) sedimentary layers are Cretaceous dinosaurs,
ammonites, and pollen.  Unless the K-T impact could send shockwaves back
through time (on the order of 10 or 20 million years!), it could not have
caused the Deccan Traps.

Not to say that another impact may have caused it, of course.  Also, the
K-T impact may have amplified the flow, but a) there's no evidence of that
and b) it was pretty intense already.

Unfortunately, the K-T boundary has attracted a lot of attention of people
who do not know the basics of the stratigraphy involved.

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