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Re: fossil sales

If a posting generates discussion,  as mine concerning the parallels between
wildlife trafficking and fossil trafficking did,  obviously it IS germane to
this board,  whether or not it makes certain individuals uncomfortable.
Incidentally,  ANIMAL PEOPLE is an independent newspaper covering the broad
range of animal protection,  from animal control to zoological conservation.
 We are not affiliated with any advocacy group,  for which reason we get
stacks of hate mail from both the wise-users and the "radical greenies."
 I'll be happy to send a free sample to anyone who wants one--just e-mail me
your U.S. postal address.  We haven't yet published anything about dinosaurs
or fossil-collecting,  but the response to my posting has convinced me to
begin researching a piece on the parallels and their applications.  --Merritt
Clifton,  editor,  ANIMAL PEOPLE.