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more poetry (?)

>From:  MX%"AnmlPeople@aol.com" 30-JAN-1995 09:46:34.20

Hard Rock Fossils

Dinonychus,  who played a mean harmonica,
formed a band with Jazz-bo-saurus.
The horns were led by Triceratops;
Archaeopteryx supplied the do-wop;
Signosaurus sang the chorus.

>From:  MX%"paull@is.dal.ca" 30-JAN-1995 09:51:14.89

Velociraptor rapped a chapter.
Gallimimus moved in time, while
T. Rex was vexed, I guess,
cause he,
couldn't dance - his tail was too long.

>From:  MX%"dino@revelation.unomaha.edu" 30-JAN-1995 17:12:04.47

The Parasaurolophus trumpetted soulfully low,
The Ankylosaurs got to dance real slow,
The Apatosaurus stomped to the thundering beat,
Splitting the Earth and bringing down the house,
All that was left was a tiny little mouse.


Mom Maiasauria didn't like 
her kids to hear "this junk",
She prefers something with less funk:
"That band should take a nice long hike".

Coelophysis meantime complained,
With all this noise how do I keep
my apetite for anything sweet?
His relatives looked much less strained.

Iguanodon using his spike, 
to emphasize his point,
i really hate this sleazy joint,
but these fast tunes i rather like. 

Fabrosaurus thought the beat too heavy,
and Saltopus that it lacked any spice,
while Ovoraptor just threw rotten eggs,
but Edmontonia said, "They're nice".

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