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Re: plural of "archaeopteryx"

>The second element in the name is the Greek word "pteryx" (wing),
>which has the plural "pteryges."  So the plural *should* be
>"archaeopteryges" (like the plural of "rhinoceros" should be

The whole thing reminds me of the old joke about the guy who
wanted to order more than one mongoose.  "Dear Sir, please send
me an archaeopteryx.  And, by the way, send me another..."

It's bad enough we have this tendency to mine dead languages
for names, but sticking with their grammar rules in the midst
of modern English seems pretty counterintuitive.  I would
stick with "archaeopteryxes".  "Hey, look at that flock of
archaeopteryxes!"  And frankly, if I could say that, no one
would give a damn what the plural was...

Thanks for talking about dinosaurs...