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Re: Re(2): Chicxulub and sulfur

> From: swf@ElSegundoCA.ATTGIS.COM (Stan Friesen)

> Quite right - and since I have yet to see convincing evidence of
> *any* meteorite impact at the P-T boundary, and since the temporal
> pace of the extinction at first sight seems different, a different
> cause seems quite likely.

In "The End of Evolution", (Bantam Books, 1992), Peter Ward discusses the
general dearth of P-T sites good enough to explore the question.  On pp. 86,
he says, "appartnly, only the Karroo [in S. Africa] holds the critical moment
in time when the killer walked the land...by collecting everything in great
detail in the Karroo sections we will find out how long the First [Extinction]
 Event took, and what it actually killed; we will find out if the earth's
creatures all died out together or sequentially."

1)  Do you have an opinion on his belief?
2)  Has anyone, or is anyone now, looking in the Karroo at the P-T boundary?