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K-T Theories

I went to Dr. Bakker's lecture last Friday here in Portland, Or.  He promotes
the disease theory of the K-T boundary.  I still don't find it reasonable, and
would like to hear from someone who either promotes the theory or at least
understands it.  My problem with the theory is two-fold.  First, there is the
issue of spreading the disease.  There are three continental islands where the
die-off is, presumable, simultaneous with the rest of the land masses, namely
Australia, India, and Antartica.  How is the simultaneaty of the die-off
believed to have occurred.  

The second part is the vastness of Dinosauria.  I don't recall whether this
is a sub-class or a super-order, or what.  The point is that there are many
different species of dinosaur alive.  It would be hard to imagine a disease
that affects all mammals, even less so given that it would be fatal and spread
rapidly across the world (without jet travel! :-) ).  


I have a second question - easier...

What is the plural of archaeopterix?

Randy King