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Idaho Flood (was Deccan Traps)

On Monz, 30 Jan 1995, Stan Friesen wrote:
> There are other "traps" or "flood basalts" in various places of
> the world.  There are the Siberian Traps, a set in Antarctica,
> and a set in Idaho (I think).  The US flood basalts may be related
> to the Yellowstone Hot Spot.

  Currently, the majority theory is that the Idaho floods are related to
the Basin and Range spreading of Idaho, Utah, Nevada, etc. While the
floods of NE Oregon and Central Washington may be related to the
Yellowstone hotspot.  There are also those who think that the Basin and 
Range spreading is caused by the Yellowstone hotspot, just as there are 
those who think they are unrelated.
  There is also some evidence that there was a meteor impact also.  Did
this cause the hot spot? some people think so. 
   As was pointed out earlier, the local climate became warmer and wetter 
during the active phase of the Columbia flood basalt, was it related? 
Opinions are divided.


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