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Re: Dinosaur Extinction Theories

>> >Rally against the resumption of French nuclear testing in the South
>> >Pacific: boycott French products NOW!!!
>>    Hell, just rally against the French period.  They must be eradicated in
>> our time!!!!
>On a secondary matter, I was brought up very near to the French 
>border with Switzerland (about 2 feet away), and although there was a 
>lot of petty disagreements at the border posts between the two 
>countries, it was purely political and did not reflect upon the more 
>important personal level interactions.  I have to also say that I 
>have just been invited to give an all-expenses-paid  lecture on dinosaurs 
>in Beaune, Cote d'Or.  This year is also the 700th anniversary of the 
>Ancien Alliance between Scotland and France with whom we have more in 
>common than the English ;-).  In this spirit I can agree with the 
>first sentiment expressed above, but not the second.
>Dinosaur Neil

   Well, after what the French did to the twits from Greenpeace I'd have to
say they've gained a little respect from me.  Not much, but some.

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