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Wowee! (Catamount! Get it?) After a sad and sorry absence of 12 days (field
tripping in Yorkshire), I've finally waded through over 100 messages (not as
many as I would have expected, but many nonetheless). Of course, my computer
couldn't handle being left alone for that time and consequently I have no
messages more recent than those from July 1st....  Don't ya just lerve hi-tech?

WELL THEN, being 12 days totally out of date on dinos when you are as addicted
as I is quite an ordeal: thank lordy I return to veritable storms of
archosaurian info! So what's happenin', Daz, I here you cry... (all that Monster
Munch addled my cerebrum, as did the hot weather and the time I spent in the

Stuff has recently been published on some of the Isle of Wight (we say izlee of
wigget BTW, Pete - think that's weird compared to 'Dallas Fortworth'??) sauropod
remains, and a (I think) new genus has been named. Luis Rey has now finished his
_Utahraptor_ artwork. It is truly awesome stuff, I'll let you know where/when
it'll be published (if ya want). We also had heard about the Korean 'birds'
(GD... comprende?), in fact there is MORE info on Archie-like forms around the
world... hush hush. D'oh! Did anyone read the blurb on Colin McHenry's work (a
lister, for those of you that don't know) in 'Traveller's Companion', or
whatever it's called? They also had mention of a 10 metre long Ozzie python
(_Madstoia_ thread a-coming?). I now have the whole of the Geo pterosaur
article, the artwork is amazing! Truly Padian-tastic... And speaking of
pterosaurs, what's this about new _Tapejara_ type forms? Any help? Please?

This, inevitably, triggers the 'rumours' file of my brain. Here we go...


D'oh! Let's try again...

Ah yes.... Bob Bakker (bad start?) says he has evidence for burrow-dwelling
ornithopods. Is this more _Drinker_ blurb? Or what? David Norman has done new
work on _Scelidosaurus_. Any refs anyone? Jack Horner, now, yes, Jack
Horner..... Jack Horner's latest 'scavenger T.rex' 'evidence' is based on
smallness of eye. He's said that T. rex had small eyes for a predator, thus poor
vision, thus poor hunter. Yurk yurk yurk! I won't even bother to argue against
that one.. Alan Feduccia is getting his book on bird evolution published later
this year. I disagree with much of what Feduccia says on bird evolution, as he's
staunchly anti-dino. His latest crusade is showing that nearly all of avian
diversity evolved in post-Miocene times. This is fair enough, but by doing this
he wants all Mesozoic birds to be enantiornith (including Archie), and many
clearly are not. But look out for the book anyways (apologies to those who have
discussed Feduccia's ideas before). Incidentally, for those who like the living
fossil threads, and also those with crypto links, Karl Shukar's book 'In Search
of Prehistoric Survivors' comes out this year. Finally, the avalanche of new
theropods continues.... And where can we find out more info on the Kirklandian


Greg Paul DID NOT strictly synonymise Nano with _Albertosaurus_, he tentatively
suggested that Nano might prove not distinct enough for separate generic
erection (*no comment*). He was writing before nano was officially described,
and I think the proposal was reasonable (obviously, in the context of knowledge
at the time). Recently, some of you will know, there has been much ado about the
original _Gorgosaurus_ material being distinct from _Albertosaurus_ after all.
Anyone know the outcome? And has the alleged _Daspletosaurus_-_Tyrannosaurus_
metataxon finally been named and/or described? 

Surprise surprise, I failed my exams. Unless I pass the retakes, I'll be leaving
the uni, leaving e-mail and - sob sob - leaving Mickey Rowe's dinosaur list.
Noooooooooo! Say it isn't true! Ahem, I meant:

"Search your feelings - you KNOW them to be true!"

Rally for 'Hotcrossbunii' as a valid generic name now! We have some cool
etymological proposals for new dinosaur material presently in the works... I'll
keep you in suspense. Until next time then "Keep talking"

"Mankind's greatest achievements come through talking. And his greatest failures
through not talking" --- more Hawkings, BT ad..

"No, I like them" - Courtney Love

"Oh, I'm sorry Will...... we... we have plans" - Troi, TNG: AGT I

"These aren't the droids you're looking for"
"These aren't the droids we're looking for"