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Extinction Refs. addendum

References of Relevant Interest:

Geotimes; May 1995. p11 
              Model links ancient impact to volcanic eruptions. 
This was a blurb reprinted from the November 1994 issue of Sandia Science
News. It involves a paper by Mark Boslaugh et al , "Axial Focusing of Energy
from a Hypervelocity Impact on Earth".

Sandia super computer simulations now show that mjor episodes of flood
volcanism can be induced on the ANTIPODE (i.e. Deccan) side of the earth. 

Meisel, Thomas et al,  1995, Combined osmium and strontium isotopic study of
the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary at Sumbar, Turkmenistan: A test for an
impact vs. a volcanic hypothesis. Geology, v.23, no.4, p.313-316

Also in the same month's (April) issue:

Longoria, L.F., and Gamper, M.A., 1995, Planktonic foraminiferal faunas
across the Cretaceous-Tertiary succession of Mexico: Implications for the
Cretaceous-Tertiary problem. Geology, v.23, no.4, p.329-332


Schuaraytz, B. C., Sharpton, V. L., and Marin, L. E., 1994, Petrology of
impact-melt rocks at the Chicxulub multiribg basin, Yucatan, Mexico. Geology,
v.22, no.10, p.868-872

Barrera,E,. 1994, Global environmental changes preceeding the
Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary: Early-late Maastrichtian transition. Geology,
v.22, no.10, p. 877-880

See also the "Forum" section p.953 of the same volume as above for a comment
and reply by Smit,Alvares et al vs Keller, MacCleod et al and a second C&R by
Koeberl vs. Lyons, Officer et al.

Perry, E., Marin, L., McClain, J., Guadalupe, V., 1995. Ring of Cenotes
(sinkholes), northwest Yucatan, Mexico: Its hydrogeologic characteristics and
possible association with the Chicxulub impact crater. Geology v.23, no.1, p.
McRoberts, C. A., Newton, C. R., 1995. Selective extinction among
end-Triassic of European bivalves. Geology, v.23, no.2, p. 102-104
Kauffman, E. G., and Erwin, D. E., Surviving mass extinctions. Geotimes.
March 1995

Toon, O.T., and Zahnle, K.,  All impacts great and small. Geotimes, March

In fact the entire March issue of Geotimes is devoted to the subject of mass
extinction and a must read.

   Little, C.T.S.,  Benton, M.J., 1995. Early Jurassic mass extinction: A
global long-term event. Geology, v.23, no.6, p.495-498

Discusses an invertebrate mass extinction that followed an anoxic event but
occured over a long period of time.

Benton, M. J., and Simms, M. J., 1995. Testing the marine and continental
fossil record. Geology, v.23 no.7, p.601-604

Authors propose that the terrestrial fossil record iss as complete as the
marine fossil record is based on echinoderm data. Not exactly mass extinction
related but it does have a bearing on the completeness of the fossil record
and can have implications on the K-T debate and the Signor-Lipps effect.

Has anyone else read this stuff? What are your thoughts?

                               Thomas R. Lipka
                               Paleontological/Geological Studies