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Re: Chixilub and the ladies

On Mon, 10 Jul 1995, Ralph Chapman wrote:
> [...]
>  There is a short note in Discover on some great hadrosaur skin fossils
>  found by someone at BYU in Utah (I apologize but am spacing on the guy's
>  name - sorry). There is an odd-angle picture but still looks like great
>  stuff. States that skin is incredibly rare, which I consider to be untrue -
>  it tends to be more common than commonly is given credit for. We have some
>  on the butt end  (tail) of a duck-bill here, although this stuff looked
>  even nicer and extensive. Can't wait till SVP on this one.
The but end of a duck bill? Interesting. Genital impressions? Not trying
to be kinky here, but heck, you could probably sex this impression.

> [...]

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