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Chixilub and the ladies

 Well I'm back from 10 days away (Buffalo and Rhinebeck, NY; Milford, CT)
 and have a few comments.

 I would like to point out that Chixilub is in American already - and one
 that predates the American I speak here in America by a good amount.
 No flame, it was just funny. I've been trying real hard not to be
 too European-American centric. Anyone know a good reference to native
 americans and dinosaurs? I've heard second-hand that they knew what they
 were, more or less, but would love to get more info. I know they like
 trilobites and would wear Elrathia kingii necklaces at times (at least
 those who got to Utah). I have a reference on that.

 There is a short note in Discover on some great hadrosaur skin fossils
 found by someone at BYU in Utah (I apologize but am spacing on the guy's
 name - sorry). There is an odd-angle picture but still looks like great
 stuff. States that skin is incredibly rare, which I consider to be untrue -
 it tends to be more common than commonly is given credit for. We have some
 on the butt end  (tail) of a duck-bill here, although this stuff looked
 even nicer and extensive. Can't wait till SVP on this one.

 Now to the ladies....

 In addition to Kay Behrensmeyer - our Acting Assoc. Director for Science
 and Linda Deck and the others mentioned we have lots of female paleo types
 running around the world.

 Karen Chinn - Ms. poopadelic
 Jean Berdan - retired USGS ostracode type
 Lucy Edwards - USGS micro type
 An unknown paleohominid type name Leakey (;-))
 Anita Harris - conodont type and one of J. MacPhee's subjects
 Dale Schwartz - gradient paleoecologist
 Sandy Carlson - brachiopod person extrordinaire
 Mary Droser - ichnofossil and Paleozoic type (and ex historical
   lab student of mine)
 Sue Kidwell - The queen of marine Taphonomy (Kay is the other Royalty
   of that discipline)
 Robyn Burnham - paleobotanist
 Catheryn Badgley - another great taphonomist.
 Lynn Wingard - USGS mollusk person
 Helen Loeblich - micro type extraordinaire
 Rosalie Maddocks - ostracode type in Houston
 Cathy Forster - a fellow morphometrician of dinos
 Connie Barut Rankin - great preparator
 Jenny Clack - Ms. Early tetrapod
 Elizabeth Brouwers - USGS ostracode type.

 And a zillion others. And let's not forget Lilian Brown - Barnum's
 wife and supporter and great field person in her own right. I just recently
 got copies of her books Bring 'em Back Petrified and I Married a Dinosaur.
 Anyway there were lots of great ones and continue to be...

 Finally, Linda and I stopped in on James Gurney during our travels
 and saw Dinotopia II (one of two copies on the continent as others
 come for the September release). IT's great and beautiful and has
 more inverts (I'm proud to say) and action than the first. There is
 even (drumroll, please) a Chapman's Island (yeah!) and a picture of
 Mike Brett-Surman in one of the paintings. I'll leave it for people to
 find it before leading them in that direction.

 Anyway, good to be back,  Ralph Chapman,  NMNH