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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow... 8-(

Hi All! -

        As I've mentioned before, I'm leaving tomorrow (Mon. the 10th) for
Dallas, and I don't know when my Internet access will be back up and
running!  Thanks to everyone who's sent me their best wishes -- y'all make
me feel all warm and squishy inside!  8-)  If anyone really wants/needs to
get a hold of me before I can resubscribe here, I can still be reached at


since my CIS address won't change (just my access node).  I'll be back to
the fun here ASAP!

Jerry D. Harris
Now Impending PhD Student
        In (Surprise!) Paleontology at
        Southern Methodist University
Internet:  jdharris@teal.csn.net
CompuServe:  73132,3372
        (and thus 73132.3372@compuserve.com)

--)::)>   '''''''''''''/O\'''''''''''`  Jpq--   =o}\   w---^/^\^o

I currently have no humorous quote to put
        in this space.

--)::)>   '''''''''''''/O\'''''''''''`  Jpq--   =o}\   w---^/^\^o