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Dino Extinctions & Space Debris

The planet Neptune was discovered because of its influence on 
the planet Uranus.  Because there seemed to be another undiscovered
planet influencing Uranus, a search was started that resulted in the
discovery of Pluto, but although Pluto was in the right part of the
sky it is too small to have affected the orbit of Uranus.  The
companion to the star Sirius was deduced from its influence on the
motion of Sirius before it was observed visually.  If Nemesis does
exist, couldn't it be far enough from the sun that its influence on
the sun's movement hasn't been noticeable in the time since really
precise observations have been possible?  If its orbital time is
26 million years, wouldn't it take 72,000 years to move one degree?
Anyway, isn't Nemesis needed only for periodic catastrophes that fit
a pattern--one Chicxulub event could happen very well without it?

George Pesely                   peselyg@lynx.apsu.edu