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Pterosaur hair and Dino feathers

Peter Buchholz on 06 Jul 1995 writes:

>DPterosaur, do you think that the hair in Pterosaurs is 
>from a common ancestor as feathers?  If not, when do you think that 
>hair evolved in pterosaurs and feathers evolved in dinosaurs?  Also, 
>everyone else on the list; what are your thoughts on this issue?

My thoughts on this issue: With evidence of "feather scales" 
(i.e. proto-feathers) on Longisquama, it seems likely to me that
pterosaurs' fur and maniraptors/birds' feathers are derived from 
"feather scales" in Lagosuchus or whatever the "Ur-endosauropsid"
(Dinosaur-Pterosaur common ancestor) was.  No one knows exactly when
true feathers emerged, of course, but with Archaeopteryx having feathers
and birds now believed by some to be from another branch, it
seems that all the maniraptors, and maybe all small theropods, had 
feathers; and all small dinosaurs had at least the "feather-scale"

                         -- Dave (expressing a humble opinion)

P.S. I DON'T believe the discovery of fossilized hair on Sordes only proves
that Sordes had hair and that all other pterosaurs must be assumed to be