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Re: Dinosaur Extinction Theories

>Just how good is the Acid in the States at the moment?

   Dunno.  Never needed any.  I find that the pound-and-a-half of sugar I
ingest every day does just as good a job, if not better ... and it's not
illegal (yet)!

>Why don't you think
>that discussions of the wider context of dinosaur extinctions are relevant
>to a thread titled "Dinosaur Extinction Theories"?

   Oh I do!  I was just pointing out that, indeed, my "death by pop-tarts"
theory was relevant to the thread at hand, for the benefit of the AOLers (as
I put on my asbestos underwear).

>And I thought it was
>common knowledge that Pop-tarts were highly toxic, invented by Iraq and
>sold to Oliver North by the ton. Or is it that your core really has warped?

   I think you're confusing pop-tarts with Vegemite.

   Just got _The Little Dinosaurs of Ghost Ranch_.  I took a magnifying
glass to the picture of the Ceolophysis skeleton with the baby Ceolophysis
inside.  Sure enough, I found one of those annoying aluminum foil wrappers
they put on pop-tarts these days.  Undoubtedly it was the cause of death ...
the baby Ceolophysis was in the process of opening up its lunch, the adult
decided it wanted the pop-tart, and, in its feeding frenzy, got a little
carried away.  It undoubedly choked to death on the foil.

   It amazes me that the paleontologists that described this find so clearly
missed the obvious.

>This is not a flame, mearly some light-hearted banter in a similar vein to
>that of the former post.

   Of course.  The question now, is, how long before we hear "these messages
are off tooooppppicccc!!!!  Stttooopppp it!!!! <whine>"

>Rally against the resumption of French nuclear testing in the South
>Pacific: boycott French products NOW!!!

   Hell, just rally against the French period.  They must be eradicated in
our time!!!!

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