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Re: Dino Extinctions & Space Debris

Maybe leading this discussion down the garden path, but...

>>(6)  What evidence is there for the existence of Nemesis, since no one
>>has seen it?
>Statistically, it almost certainly exists since most stars form
>multiple systems and the sun is so old it may well have a companion
>that has long since gone cold. But where is it out there?

Now, if we could find Pluto (a tiny little thing--and I hope I'm remembering  
correctly that it is the planet that was found this way) because of its effect  
on the orbits of the other planets...and it seems to me we've discovered a  
double star or two where the one twin is dark in distant parts of our galaxy by 
watching the perturbations of the orbit of the lighted twin...then why wouldn't 
we KNOW where Nemesis was, and if it existed at all?

Kata McCarville
Colorado School of Mines