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Re: Dinosaur Extinction Theories

>> From: pwillis@ozemail.com.au (Paul Willis)
>> >  ... Any scenario that focuses purely on the
>> > dinosaur extinction at the K-T boundary is almost certainly doomed to
>> > failure because they do not assess the whole problem; the mass extinction
>> > of many different types of animal and plants in very different
>> > environments. Personally, I use this as a yard stick in assessing any
>> > extinction scenario proposed for the K-T extinction. ...
>>Quite so.  I, too, use this yardstick.  That is why the causes
>>I currently consider viable are:
>>       - the Deccan volcanism
>>       - the marine regression
>>       - a meteorite impact (?at Chix.)
>>Most others fail to cover the whole span of extinctions.
>   Perhaps.  But it is well documented that dinosaurs were very fond of
>pop-tarts covered with lots and lots of butter.  So much so that this
>concoction is now considered the dinosaurian staple diet.
>   The relevance to this thread?
>   The dinosaurs didn't die as a result of volcanism, the shrinking of the
>seas, or an asteroid storm.  They died of cholesterol poisoning and heart


Just how good is the Acid in the States at the moment? Why don't you think
that discussions of the wider context of dinosaur extinctions are relevant
to a thread titled "Dinosaur Extinction Theories"? And I thought it was
common knowledge that Pop-tarts were highly toxic, invented by Iraq and
sold to Oliver North by the ton. Or is it that your core really has warped?

This is not a flame, mearly some light-hearted banter in a similar vein to
that of the former post.

Cheers, Paul


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