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Undescribed Ghost Ranch theropod

Somewhere in the Carnegie Museum is a little theropod from the famous 
Ghost Ranch quarry, New Mexico.  My records indicate it's skull is 
similar to Coelophysis bauri but has a prominent sagittal crest.
If anyone knows of this specimen (Museum number, etc) and if it has been 
described or is being worked on, I would appreciate any information.

Currently the theropods from the Ghost Ranch are referred to Coelophysis 
bauri.  Some authors (Hunt & Lucas) have given them the name 
Rioarribasaurus colberti.

The Ghost Ranch theropods range from the juvenile to adult, and two morphs 
(possibly representing sex).

Morph 1 -- long skull with smooth crest, long neck, small forelimbs, and 
           fused sacral spines
Morph 2 -- shorter skull with smooth crest, shorter neck, large forelimbs, 
           and free sacral spines   

Variations within the 2 morphs exist, but this is the first occurence of 
a sagittal crest.

--John Schneiderman (dino@revelation.unomaha.edu)