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Re: Sordes, Brachiosaurs, Mamenchisa

>Isn't _Euhelopus_ a Camarasaurid?  I do agree that
>_Mamenchisaurus_ and _Omeisaurus_ belong in a family together
>(the Mamenchisauridae) haowever.

Peter et al -

        It was once classified as such, yes, during the times when everyone
tried to shoehorn all the weird Chinese sauropod genera into extant and
primarily western families.  However, with the strange skulls and
occasionally strange body proportions, it seems now that the Chinese genera
have their own families.  _Mamenchisaurus_, _Omeisaurus_, and _Datousaurus_
are all similar to _Euhelopus_, and probably form a family that is not too
long derived from _Shunosaurus_.  I've heard rumors that this may be a
family derived from the cetiosaurids which became isolated from other
sauropod populations (which would explain why we don't see these forms
elsewhere, and vice-versa).  Actually, the paleogeography of China's
Jurassic is just beginning to come to light, and it's quite interesting!

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