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Opalised ichthyosaur for sale

I have been holding out on this one for sometime but, now my other options
are fast drawing to a close, I am getting desperate and may be some one out
there can help.

A relatively complete skeketon of an ichthyosaur has been found on one of
the Australian opal fields, it contains around $15,000 AUS worth of
precious opal. The specimen is up for sale and the miners who own it want
at least $60,000 AUS for the specimen unprepared. I am trying to arrange a
buyer to purchase the specimen for the Australian Museum (they don't have
that kind of money). This specimen will not be allowed out of Australia
because it is considered to be a heritage specimen.

I can put together a package for any interested party where by they can
write off the whole transaction against tax on Australian assets.

If you wish to know more or think that you may be able to suggest a source
of funds, please contact me.

Cheers, Paul


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