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Re: Some subjects

> > He also pointed a
>> bout the force of the bite of the sauropods. I am not a specialist on
>> , but the bite force of an Allosaurus-like theropod surely was greeeeeeeater
>> an that of every known sauropod, because its mouth was deseigned to bite
>>meal a
>> nd make as much damage as possible, while the mouth of the sauropods was
>> ed to eat vegetables, so they are not prepared to the forces of bitting
>> g else.
>When I was talking about the bite of Haplocanthosaurus and Camarasaurus
>being harder than an Allosaurid,I wasn't talking about 'rip out a hunk of
>meat strength' I was talking about the strength in the pressure of the
>jaws. I do not think it possible for a Brachiosaurid to be able to rip
>out a hunk of meat of an attacking predator, YET I do think it could be
>possilble for Camarasaurid, Haplocanthosaurid, and  Brachiosaurid to
>crush or maim an attacking predator.

Any Aussie zoo keeper will tell you they would rather be bitten by a dingo
than a wombat. A dingos teeth may be designed for cutting and ripping
flesh, but the crushing bit of a wombat is far more painful and usually
deters all but the most ambitious predtors.

Cheers, Paul


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