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Re: Dinosaur Extinction Theories

On the subject of dinosaur extinction, surely people are being
archosauromorphic by still referring desease, stupidity, aliens, changing
sex ratios, or any of that host of scenarios that is supposed to explain
the extinction of the dinosaurs. Any scenario that focuses purely on the
dinosaur extinction at the K-T boundary is almost certainly doomed to
failure because they do not assess the whole problem; the mass extinction
of many different types of animal and plants in very different
environments. Personally, I use this as a yard stick in assessing any
extinction scenario proposed for the K-T extinction. For example, you would
have to use some pretty tortured logic to explain the full extent of the
K-T extinction by the emergence of angiosperms or mammals; neither can
account for the losses of marine organisms.

I suppose that there is one central tennet I am driving at here and it
would be interesting to get the opinions of other members of the group on
this issue. Do you consider that the extinction of the dinosaurs is linked
to the K-T extinction or that they were merely coincident. Parsimony would
lead me to accept the former over the latter proposition. Accepting this
basic tennet surely means that we can throw out all those 'dinosaur
extinction scenarios' and just concentrate on mass extinction scenarios.

Cheers, Paul


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