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FWD: Jim Kirkland's Request

Hello All! -

        This is a forwarded message from Jim Kirkland of Dinamation.  I
know it isn't exactly in re dinosaurs, but as Jim is a dinosaurologist, I
thought he'd like it put here.


For several years I have been trying to fund the publication of the
systematics section of my Ph. D. research at the Univ. of Colorado. It was
on the marine Cretaceous of the Navaho and Hopi Indian Reservations. I
describe over 350 invertebrate taxa; naming 50 new ones. All these taxa are
tied into an extremely precise system of lithostratigraphy,
biostratigraphy, and event stratigraphic correlation published as part of a
GSA Special Paper in 1990. The taxonomic section was about 500 pages with
640 photos on 50 plates. I had thought I had put together a funding package
to get it published as a Museum of Northern Arizona Bulletin; where the
fossils now reside, but after several years that has fallen through. Now
the New Mexico Museum of Natural History wants to publish it, but the funds
are now well short of whats needed. I had been granted $3500 from ARCO and
AMOCO toward the publication and the NMMNH can toss in another $1500, but
the printer says it will cost $7500 so we are $2500 short.
        Now money for this sort of publication is harder to come by than
ever, So................................ Does anyone have any ideas on
where I can dig up the balance of the funds and no Dinamation does not have
the funds. My other grants are very specific on what the money can be spent
on and publishing an old although classic research project is not it.
        I'll name a snail or clam species after anyone who donates $500 to
the cause. Basically if I don't get it published soon I doubt it will ever
get published. Anyone with good access to the internet please send this one
to any appropriete bulletin boards.
        Funds should be sent to Dr. Spencer Lucas: Curator of Paleontology,
New Mexico Museum of Natural History, Albuquerque, NM.

        Any help on this would be appreciated.


                                Jim Kirkland

                                Dinamation Int'l Society
                                550 Crossroads Court
                                Fruita, Colorado 81521


Jim can be reached at        76711.1263@compuserve.com

Jerry D. Harris
Now Impending PhD Student
        In (Surprise!) Paleontology at
        Southern Methodist University
Internet:  jdharris@teal.csn.net
CompuServe:  73132,3372
        (and thus 73132.3372@compuserve.com)

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