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Re: Dinosaur Eggs

A few days ago, I wrote:
>> What dinosaurs are thought to have ABANDONED their eggs?
On Wed, 05 Jul 1995, Stan Friesen <swf@ElSegundoCA.ATTGIS.COM> replied:
>There is some suggestion that sauropods did so.

>Also, for Orodromeus (I think that's the one) there are a number
>of egg sites with no evidence parental care.  In fact its hatchlings
>are quite precocial - especially compared to Maiasaura, which clearly
>took care of its young.  The general conclusion seems to be that
>forms with precocial young did not take care of them.

Couldn't Orodromeus young still have walked with the herd and been 
protected by their elders from predators (like hoofed mammals)?  Isn't all
that is implied by precocial young is that (unlike Maiasaura) Orodromeus
parents didn't, so to speak, "spoon-feed" their young?

                              -- Dave