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Re: Some subjects

On Fri, 30 Jun 1995, Nino wrote:

> Aaron feuk answered a old post. I think he made some mistakes. The claw that 
> th
> e sauropod used to defense themselves was the first of the forelimb, not from 
> t
> he hindlind. Could you imagine a sauropod trying to use his hindlind to 
> defense
>  from the attack of a big theropod? I think it is impossible.
        The hind foot in which I was refering to  is the Camarasaurus, the 
reference is from _the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs_, David Norman 
The hind foot of the _Diplodocus carnegiei_ has two claws on the hind feet.
 I doesn't seem impossible that a Camarasaurus fending off an Allosaur 
with the front feet or by kicking from behind from a rear 
attack.(probably not at the same time. What proof  can you show 
that sauropods didn't use of the hind feet as defense.
 > He also pointed a
> bout the force of the bite of the sauropods. I am not a specialist on 
> sauropods
> , but the bite force of an Allosaurus-like theropod surely was greeeeeeeater 
> th
> an that of every known sauropod, because its mouth was deseigned to bite meal 
> a
> nd make as much damage as possible, while the mouth of the sauropods was 
> design
> ed to eat vegetables, so they are not prepared to the forces of bitting 
> anythin
> g else.

When I was talking about the bite of Haplocanthosaurus and Camarasaurus 
being harder than an Allosaurid,I wasn't talking about 'rip out a hunk of 
meat strength' I was talking about the strength in the pressure of the 
jaws. I do not think it possible for a Brachiosaurid to be able to rip 
out a hunk of meat of an attacking predator, YET I do think it could be 
possilble for Camarasaurid, Haplocanthosaurid, and  Brachiosaurid to 
crush or maim an attacking predator.

> See you! Nino.
 I realize that I'm alittle late in responding, and yes I'm off my 

Aaron Feuk
Preparator on Summer Break, Dept. of Earth Sciences 
Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, Wa, 98447