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Goin' to Hell(creek formation)

Hello dino lovers,

Well, after what seemed like forever we (my wife, Kelly and self) are headed
for NW S. Dakota.

I have learned much from the list, and now I hope to remember enough to be
useful. I'm sure most of the subjects we've tossed about will come up within
the week we'll be unearthing the hadrosaur. When we get back, and have a
chance to recover, I will post the results. As this is our first "formal" dig
we are excited, but still a bit nervous. To be honest I'd rather just be a
locator, or advance scout, or whatever, than a digger. I have a great set of
peepers, and an eye for dirt encrusted objects. There's command-z keys on a
hammer!   :-)

Having located dino remains before, but never digging them up, I pray my
clubby hands do no damage to the fossils (or somebody elses hands).

Thank you to all, even the ones with which I exchanged "The Greek Fire".

Roger A. Stephenson   lightwaves@aol.com