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Bau und Leben der Rhinogradentia (Snouters to you)

Well, I finally found my copy of "The Snouters" and can verify that Harald
Stumpke (who perished in the nuclear accident that destroyed the snouters
and the archipelago they lived on) is as substantial as the snouters
themselves; his living emanuensis is Gerolf Steiner (at least I assume he is
still alive; the book came out in German in 1957).

The poet who first wrote of these extraordinary creatures, in 1897, was the
very real (though slightly weird) Christian Morgenstern (though I still
can't recall who set the poem to music).  In the rather stuffy translation
in the book, the poem reads:

Along on its proboscis
there goes the nasobame
accompanied by its young one.
It is not found in Brehm
It is not found in Meyer
Nor in the Brockhaus anywhere.
'Twas only through my lyre
we know it had been there.
Thenceforth on its probosces
(above I've said the same)
accompanied by its offspring
there goes the nasobame.

(The tune I heard was quite creepy; I'd love to find the song somewhere).

My copy of "The Snouters" was published in a paperback edition by Phoenix in
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