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Pteraichnus prints

Thank you for your note, and please excuse me for the confusion in my reply.
 It was done in haste.  Much of what you have read in the literature on
pterosaurs makes the case either fore or against quadrupedalality,
bipedality, digitigrady, plantigrady, etc, etc.  I'm not limited by these
dichotomies and neither were pterosaurs.  I'm picking and choosing which
portions of the established theories make sense and discarding the rest.  On
the way I've come up with a few new ones.  

(You've heard that pterosaurs were batlike and bird like, but now consider
that they may have been like Australian frillnecks, basking on trees in the
early dawn, walking bipedally on the ground for a short period (...yes, I
said walking), then retreating up the tree to the shade for the majority of
the day to avoid overheating.  And that's just the start. [Shine and Lambeck

As time goes on, we'll talk more.