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Re: dino extinctions and meteorites

 From: pwillis@ozemail.com.au (Paul Willis)
 > I wrote:
 > >Really?  Have you dealt with the claim of Late Cretaceous sediments
 >                                            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
 > >found *intact* within the boundaries of the crater?  If so, how
 >  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Arggh.  Tom, can you help me out on this?  I will not be able to
relocate the reference before Sunday (and not even then if UCLA
doesn't have the right newsletter - I will not be able to get to
CSULB until the following weekend).

It was in a "newsletter" of one of the geological societies.  I
do not remember the name of the journal or the exact issue (it
was published in early 1994 or late 1993, I think).

The problem is than little has been done with it since, and I
have not found any rebuttals anywhere.  This despite the fact that
most of the people on this list that have discussed it have been
somewhat skeptical of the claim.

[Note, I am skeptical of it myself - but until it is either replicated
or refuted in print it constitutes a big question mark on the status
of the Chixculub(?sp) crater].

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