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RE: skullduggery

I would certainly go for it. It is one of the best dinosaur items on the 
market and results in a beautiful display. If you can receive graphics 
attached to e-mail, I'll send you some pictures of a finished model. They 
will be gif files. Let me know. Otherwise the Dinoart home page will discuss 
the model.

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>From: dinosaur
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Subject: skullduggery
Date: Wednesday, July 05, 1995 2:14PM

I saw an ad for an allosaurus skeleton model from Skullduggery in this
month's Smithsonian magazine, and am wondering if any of you model makers
out there have attempted it (150 pieces [bones?] and an 80-page
instruction manual)? Should I pursue this further? Is it reasonably
affordable? Any comments appreciated.
Blaise Considine [bpc.apa@email.apa.org]