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Dinosaur art web page

I did not see this get posted at my end, so I am re-sending it. Please 
accept my apologies if this is a repeat:

     Some of you may recall posted the intent to create a Dinosaur art and 
modeling home page on the WWW internet. The page is complete but I have not 
transferred it to a server yet. Our department is currently setting up a new 
server dedicated to the internet and the Web. The equipment is here and 
should be on line very soon. This will make it much easier to access the 
server as far as I am concerned. I will certainly post when I have the page 
on line> I hope in a couple of weeks. Some of the features will include a 
review of the Ants Allosaurus kit, a look at the Kaiyodo Triceratops,  and 
dinosaur art by Dr, Neil Clark and Peter Minister. In addition, we will 
provide sources for dinosaurs, and internet links to other dino site, most 
of which you will know. That will be for the readers new to dinosaur 
paleontology and dinosaur arts.

Thanks for your interest.

John Rafert M.S.,R.T.(R)
Associate Professor of Radiologic Sciences
office phone: 1.317.274.5255
fax number: 1.317.274.4074