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Re: Dinosaur Eggs

>From: NEIL CLARK <NCLARK@museum.gla.ac.uk>
 > > 
 > I write:  The evidence is purely circumstantial 
 > based on the problem of "How could an animal that size look after 
 > eggs 1,000th their size?"  and  "They are likely to step on 
 > their young/eggs without noticing.". 

The first part is correct, the second not.  The evidence comes from
the condition of *hatched* eggs, and the immediate setting in which
the eggs are found.  It has nothing to do with inference from the
adult form.  In fact the form for which abandonment is best documented
is a *small* species, one which, by size, *could* have sat on the eggs.

You need to read Dinosaur Eggs and Babies to get more recent data.

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