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My m istake - again!

284 Ma i s w rong for terminal  Permian.  Th at comes of not
reading what I wrote.  8 is just above 5 on my keypad (yours too,
I guess).  I meant 254 - and 255 for the capture of Pluto.

I don't   w rite th at carelessly when writing a book or a
scientific  paper, but I have not yet learned to edit e-mail.
I'm a n ovice.

Several people have asked me for a  reference to my book on the
Cretaceous-Tertiary event.  Here it is.
Carlisle (1995). Dinosaurs, diamonds, and things from outer space:
the great extinction.  Stanford University Press (Cambridge
University Press in Europe).
It's meant to be a semi-popular account of the K-T (i.e. - NO
mathematics).  It's available in paperback at $18.95, hard cover
(for liraries) at $45.  That's US  currency.  In Canadian   dollars
the p rices are ri diculous.


The moon moves about 5 degrees  off the plain of the ecliptic, 
and tilts at about 15 degrees - or is it the other way round?
I am (as usual) writing from memory.  In any case, it is not
moving in the central plain of the solar system.  If it were
we should get an eclipse of the sun at every new moon, and
and eclipse of the moon at every full moon.


>From: David Brez Carlisle
bk090@Freenet Carleton.CA