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Yes!  An example of how modern contaminants can influence dating:  In 
1954, the University of California Anthropology Department under the 
direction of Dr. Robert Heizer was excavating a 2000+ year old shell 
mound on the San Francisco Bay.  A sample was sent to the University of 
Chicago to be carbon dated.  The report came back with a carbon date of 
1990, I forget what the year range on both sides of that date was.  
Anyway, the anthro team finally figured out that the sent specimen had been 
contaminated with cigarette ash.

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On Mon, 26 Jun 1995, John Bauer wrote:

> I read an article in the sunday paper reprinted from the New York Times. It 
> concerned scientists who thought they had discovered traces of dino DNA on 
> bones they had dug up. As it turned out, the DNA was actually human. Is it 
> possible to transfer human DNA simply by handling an object like a fossil?
> john