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Re: South African Palaeo Safari's

>> South 
> >Africa has also yielded the oldest proof for dinosaur existence 
> >in the world and has an impressive collection of primitive 
> >Triassic dinosaurs. 

I was under the impression that many of the SA dinosaurs are now 
thought to be from Early Jurassic sediments....or at least later than 
was previously thought.
> The use of the term 'missing link' does make me wonder about 
> the voracity of the comments, after all I don't think any 
> self-respecting palaeontologist has used this phrase other 
> than in jest in the last 50 years.
I use it a lot when doing public talks, but mainly to show how 
inappropriate it is (not quite in jest). 

> I'm curious.  To what extent is the quoted paragraph an 
> accurate representation of current thinking in vertebrate
> Palaeo. 
I don't think that it is very representative.  I think that it is 
taking the 'Out-of-Africa' theme a bit far.  I will now go to the 
site and see what the full detail is.