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South Afican Palaeo Safari's

The following URL was advertised in sci.bio.paleontology 

The first paragraph contains some rather extravagent 
claims (in fact these continue throughout the page).

>South Africa is considered to be the cradle of mankind, mammals 
>and dinosaurs. This country has a unique wealth of fossils 
>which includes the Missing Link, the oldest evidence of the 
>use of fire and even the oldest specimens of Homo Sapiens 
>ever to be discovered. The reptile to mammal transition can only 
>be understood by looking at the fossils of our thousands of 
>mammal-like reptiles.  It is not surprising then that some of 
>the oldest mammal fossils were found in this country. South 
>Africa has also yielded the oldest proof for dinosaur existence 
>in the world and has an impressive collection of primitive 
>Triassic dinosaurs. 

The use of the term 'missing link' does make me wonder about 
the voracity of the comments, after all I don't think any 
self-respecting palaeontologist has used this phrase other 
than in jest in the last 50 years.

I'm curious.  To what extent is the quoted paragraph an 
accurate representation of current thinking in vertebrate