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Re: Purchasing Dino Skeleton

>  There are several requirement
>  1.  We would like an upright stance to minimise the footprint but
>      to have as large a dinosaur as possible.
>  2. We want a full size skeleton - it has to look realistic.
>  3. We have limited funding.

Have you considered purchasing a replica?

They have several advantages which could be of benefit to you.

1. They are lighter (usually they are made from fibre-glass these days) and
easier to mount in realistic poses.

2. Since they are only copies, they don't need to be protected from curious
fingers (they can be more durable anyway).

3. They are cheaper.

I really don't know about prices, but I remember reading of a figure of
about US$10,000 for a complete T. rex (I hane no idea what a real one is
worth, but I doubt you could buy one even if you had the cash).

I'll forward a previous message about where they can be obtained.

Hope this helps

James Shields