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another false alarm

The following is another message that listproc's mailing loop detector
didn't like.  If I were to moderate the list, it's one I might have
chosen to censor myself, but since I'm not in that role I thought I'd
pass it on and let others vent their opinions.  I don't find the
message objectionable, but since I've tried to keep fossil
advertisements off of the list, I should probably keep messages such
as this one off too.  So go ahead, let me know whether or not you
would have kept it off (and if you wish to respond to the content of
the message, please be sure to address your response appropriately!): 

  Date: 28 Jun 1995 21:30:10 +1000
  From: "Glen Moore" <Glen_Moore@uow.edu.au>
  Subject: Purchasing Dino Skeleton
  To: "Dino Listserver" <dinosaur@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu>

  I am director of a hands-on science centre in Australia and wish to
  purchase a dinosaur skeleton for display. The intention is to use it
  as an icon rather than to create a comprehensive dinosaur exhibit.

  I am looking for advice from this list. I have already received some
  replies from the Museum list.

  There are several requirement

  1.  We would like an upright stance to minimise the footprint but
      to have as large a dinosaur as possible.

  2. We want a full size skeleton - it has to look realistic.
  3. We have limited funding.

  * What price could we expect to pay?
  * Which dinosaurs would be best to catch the imagination of children?
  * Does anyone have a supplier list?

  Thanks in advance.
  Glen Moore
  Director, Science Centre, Wollongong
  University of Wollongong, NSW2522 AUSTRALIA
  glen_moore@uow.edu.au  fax: 61 42 836665