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Re: dinosaur->bird when?

>From: jdharris@csn.net (Jerry D. Harris)
 > >Oh yeah, what about birds?
 >         Yeah, yeah, yeah...the ol' "Cladistics Is Best" thing!  8-) ...
 > ... 
 > them lungfish.  Similarly, I find that birds have enough of their own
 > specializations that they warrant being considered their own "type" of
 > organism.  Thus, I call birds "birds," and not" flying dinosaurs," the
 > same way I  call dinosaurs "dinosaurs," and not "big terrestrial
 > air-breathing fish."  8-)

You echo some of my own objections to strict cladism.  I think you
would like Peter Ashlock's approach.  See if you can find a copuy of
"Principles of Systematic Zoology, 2nd Ed." by Mayr and Ashlock, and
pay special attention to chapters 8, 9 , and 10.

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