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Re: X-FILES [[Dinos]]

Dear X-Philes

Having been recently REconverted to X-Philedom, after a while on the wagon, I 
have just finished watching "Ice" from Series One. It set me thinking: were the 
scriptwriters, when involving a 200000 yr old meteor, paying homage to the 
scientific theory that life was altered forever by a meteorite collision 
somewhere around the KT boundary of ~200K yrs ago? I myself thought of a 
connected theory, that the dinosaurs were wiped out by climatic change brought 
on by a meteorite collision. But what if it were a parasite vector as well - 
then there would have been a very plausible theory as to why the dinos died so 
suddenly. After all, if subjected to parasites of the complexity of those seen 
in "Ice", it leaves no doubt that they would have turned on each other (even 
more than usual). Even mild sedentary dinos such as Brachiosaurs and Maiasaurs 
would have been transformed into psychotic monsters when subjected to the 
parasiote. And since the parasite could easily be vectored by bite (as per the 
dog - "Bear" transfer in Ice), then the rapid movement of such a parasite 
through the dinosaur population would be virtually unstoppable.

Any other 'Philes have thoughts on this matter?

Please feel free to air any thoughts on these matters as I would welcome other 
peoples ideas.

Simon Smith.
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