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Re: Did human beings ev olve in the sea?

Within anthropology only a handful of scientists are open-minded about the 
alternative hypothesis of a stage of early human evolution making use of the 
littoral zone of the ocean in eastern AFrica.   A few more find the 
hypothesis intriquing and at least understand the tenets.  The majority 
refuse to even consider the data, the logical analysis, nor are they willing 
to accept the lack of data and the lack of logic for the alternative 
savannah hypothesis.   I challenge all of you dinosaur afficionados to go 
read Elaine Morgan's most recent and more thorough (scientifically rigorous) 
book mentioned below, THE SCARS OF EVOLUTION, and think for yourself instead 
of letting one of our favorite professors, perhaps one of anthropology or 
archaelogy, to think for ourselves.

Scott Moody at Ohio University
former student of anthropology, now a comparative vertebrate evolutionist of 
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Subject: Re:  Did human beings ev olve in the sea?
Date: Saturday, July 01, 1995 9:55PM

>memory. See _The Descent of Woman_ by Elaine Morgan, and I think
>there's a Web page on this somewhere.

There's also "The Scars of Evolution" by Elaine Morgan. I've been trying to
track this book down for the last while. A friend describes it as the best
scientific book he has ever read.

James Shields