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Re: Burnt Bits [[chile-heads request for information]]

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Subject: Re: Burnt Bits
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Date:    27/6/1995 1:43 PM

>anyone off their bacon. Then, of course, there's the story of how the 
>Caduceus came from the practice of winding Guinea Worms around a stick to 
>remove them.

I'm curious to know the origin of that story; I had thought that the 
appearance of the Caduceus predated exploration of sub-saharan 
Africa by the Mediterranean cultures, which would preclude knowledge of 
Guinea Worms by the ancient Greeks.

(Hey, if you people can blab incessantly about crabs, why not chat 
worms?  Heck, lets just dispense with the chile theme altogether and 
rename this the "discussion-of-whatever-strikes-our-fancy" list!  Am I 
being too subtle?)


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