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pterosaur debate

Hi, I'm new to the forum and I have a fascination with pterosaurs.  It looks
as though the forum gravitates toward debate, hence the following Top Ten
Questions regarding pterosaurs.  I'd like to know what members are
thinking... and more imporantly why. 

1.  Are pterosaurs dinosaurs, ornithodires or derived eosuchians close to

2.  Were pterosaurs bipedal or quadrupedal or both?

3.  Were pterosaurs plantigrade or digitigrade?

4.  Are Pteraichnus tracks pterosaur tracks?

5.  How was the pterosaur femur held, parasagittally and nearly horizontally,
parasagittally and ventrally, or chiefly laterally?

6.  What was the function of the 5th toe of rhamphorhynchoids?

7.  Did rhamphorhynchoids have a uropatagium between the hind legs?

8.  What was the exact shape of the pterosaur wing membrane and how was it

9. Why did the 5th toe and tail become reduced in pterodactyloids?

10.  Are there any flightless pterosaurs?

And a bonus essay question: 
       * Explain the persistence of sharp and large foreclaws.

I have strong opinions on each of the preceding questions, and will enter
into the debate with respondents as replies come in.

David Peters (DPterosaur@aol.com)

P.S. Regarding Mr. Harris's comments regarding dinosaurs being "glorified
lungfish (sic)" which in turn are merely "glorified bacteria", cladists would
call "glorified lungfish (actually rhipidistians) something like >Choanates<
(thus including all vertebrates with choanae) and "glorified bacteria" should
actually be something like >living things<.