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Re: Time Space and Matter -2

>>......Now let's get
>>down to real business. On average, an 8 [metric] tonne _Tyrannosaurus
>>rex_ must bolt down some 93 kilograms of meat per day, or some 2000
>>tonnes in a sixty year life,equal to the weight of a World War II

93kg of meat per year a total of 33.945 tonnes, equal to the weight of a
Mark IV Tiger Tank (with double heat exchangers).

750mls of Victoria Bitter (one longneck bottle) around 750gms and is
equivelent to my daily beer consumption. Per year, I am drinking 273.75 kg
of beer, around 2.8515625 times my current weight (give or take the mass of
a Mark 9 Spitfire propellor blade). If I live to 75 (big IF) and I continue
my current rate of beer consumption for the rest of my life, I will have
consumed 1.645 tonnes of beer (that is a jeep with an M60 mounted in the
back - with two clips of spare ammo). And, if I threw in the mass of food
and other drinks that I process daily, I am sure I could process the
equivelent weight of three Lancaster bombers (full ladened and crew) during
my lifetime.

Alternatively, an adult T. rex of say, 8 tonnes, eating 9.3 kg of meat per
day would take 860.21505 days (2.3567535 years)to process the equivelent of
its own weight. May be 93 kg is correct after all.

Cheers, Paul


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