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Re: option re pachy head banging

>Prior to that, there weren't any fruits per se, although >pteridosperms
(seed ferns) had naked seeds hanging loose (in a >manner of speaking) on the
branches; cycadophytes
>(both cycads and bennettitales) also produced large flowery >"cones".

       Weren't the conifers of the time also cone-bearing?  I recall
discussions on the list of the existance of redwoods and firs, so wouldn't
pinecones (rich in protein, and mighty flavorful in a salad) be one possible
   Wasn't there a pterasaur that was believed to be a fruit-eater because of
it's beak-shaped face?  (South American, if I remember correctly)

Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)