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Re: DINOSAUR digest 510

One quick comment on Nessie: my favorite Nessie photo was from the World
Weekly News (or similar tabloid) a few years ago.  It featured a boat being
pursude by one of the Allosaurus from the Smithsonian's Jurassic Diorama!
>Ahem, dinosaurs... yes, I said DINOSAURS. You know, those.. those (hell, can't
>categorise a dinosaur can you?). Does anybody know when Tom Holtz will be
>available again?

I'm semiavailabe now, at this email address, but until I get my computer
hooked up in my office I have to come down to the Agro School computer lab!

>Does anybody know if the Cedar Mountain dromaeosaur has been
>named/described yet?

Which one? Utahraptor is a dromaeosaur from the base of the Cedar Mountain
(Wealden equivalent). The mid-Cedar Mountain dromaeosaur is probably
Deinonychus antirrhopus itself, although the material's not been described
(& there could be a dromaeosaurine from the Cedar Mountain which would be
new). Most of the upper Cedar Mountain fossils so far have been teeth, so
you couldn't tell beyond subfamily which dromaeosaurs were there.

>Following the discovery of the amazing allosaurid _Cryolophosaurus_, its
>describers wrote a popular article on the evolution of theropods. Could some
>kind soul please send me the ref for this (of course, if it was in OMNI,
>kind soul will have to send me a copy of it). Many thanks. PETER BUCCHOLTZ ARE
>YOU THERE... please mail me if so....

PLEASE send me one as well (or post reference info so that I can get it).
I'd really be interested in what they say...


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